I am an organic vegetable farmer, visual artist, and educator.  This site highlights my work in ecological agriculture since 2011, my art work, and the “WHY” behind what I do.

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I feel the most ‘at home’ when I am working with my hands – painting, building, planting, harvesting. I love creating something tangible that is useful, beautiful, and nourishing. Farming and the arts have an ability to connect, empower, and heal. I think this is why I am a farmer and an artist who wishes to share and learn with others.

Hong Kong Born

I was born in Hong Kong and my family immigrated to Canada in the late 80s. They immigrated because of their uncertainties about Hong Kong’s political future, with the impending 1997 Britain-to-China handover.

Toronto Raised

I grew up in Hong Kong’s dense metropolis, followed by suburban neighbourhoods in Scarborough, Toronto. I groaned about going to Saturday Chinese school; I spent weekends grocery shopping at Chinese strip-malls with my folks; and in my teens I was constantly commuting to downtown Toronto where all the “cool stuff” was.

The Arts & The West

I spent 10 formative years during my early adulthood in Western Canada: on Vancouver island’s coastal beauty, in the Canadian Rockies’ ancient geological majesty, and under Saskatchewan’s endless living skies. During this time, I studied fine arts, worked in technical arts production, and frequently volunteered in the social services sector. Art has always been my first love, followed by an interest in community work.

“How Did You Get Into Farming?”

I get this question all the time. During my career in the arts, pivotal life and travel experiences sparked my interest in food. I reflected on my ignorance about my food, how it grew, and where it came from. This spurred an interest in growing and learning about our food system. Over 10 years, my interests in food became more serious and all consuming. So in 2011, I took a pause in the arts and apprenticed on an organic farm in Ontario and I completed a sustainable farming certificate at the same time.

A Decade in Urban Agriculture

Since my initial apprenticeship and sustainable farming certificate, I have worked in urban agriculture since 2011 in various capacities. It has been a full and rich journey, full of joy and uncertainties, successes and lessons.

Trails & Mountains

Outside of farming, art-making, and community work, you might find me: running long distances while taking photographs, backcountry hiking and camping, climbing, trying to learn Chinese cooking, and sharing quality time with loved ones.